About Us

We are dedicated to your success. Our job is important and we bring an innovative and integrated approach to managing your wealth.

A message from our founder

Frustrated that innovation and best practices in wealth management have not been disseminated more broadly, I have started Foutainhead Capital. Our firm is dedicated to bringing you the best wealth management practices available today. It is also our commitment to evolve and source solutions that are cutting edge and smart to better support families realize their dreams!

I've compiled a team of truly talented professionals. Our reach goes beyond a typical firm as we have in-roads into the best "thinkers" ...academics, mathematician and financial practitioners that we leverage as additional resources to help you.

Above all, our sole purpose is your success and supporting your non-financial goals. We are our clients’ fiduciary and always put your interests first. I welcome you to addend one of our client events where we present educational ideas and solicit feedback from our clients. If you have ideas, feedback or suggestions to make us better, call me (SSS) YYY-uuuu.

Team of experts.

You have used our services and intelligence, but did not know it. At Fountainhead, we are the experts that develop the advice that other advisors and leading financial intuitions use (e.g. Charles Schwab, Vanguard, Barclays Global, Russell, State Street, TD Waterhouse, TIAA Cref, just to name a few). We have created the policy, the training, the model portfolios and investment selection guidelines, the tax strategies, the software, and financial plans that are pervasive within the financial services industry.

Recognition and acknowledgement that a "better way" exists has brought us together.

Why choose us? What makes us different?

More than experts, wealth management innovation delivered the way real people, our clients, asked for it!

We have contrived a new business model. One where we have pulled together the best practices within wealth management and delivered it in a more powerful way.


We are focused on thoroughly understanding your goals and objectives.


We include all aspects of your financial life, assets and liability management


Wealth management and tax management woven together


We leverage subject matter expertise across disciplines that support your needs

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